WORKSHOP DAY 1 (10:00)
Reception and Coffee (10:00 — 10:30)
Address of welcome by the organizers (10:30 11:00)
Session 1: Conceptualizations of filmstyle (11:00 12:00)
Chair: Dr. Johannes Pause
  • Prof. Dr. Malte Hagener: The Two Morettis – and the Question of (Film) Style” [Abstract]
  • Dr. Dietmar Kammerer: Film analysis and intermediality: An analysis of the frozen moment in media history, film and tv (and in games)” [Abstract]
Lunch (12:00 13:30)
Session 2: Analysis of film and style I (13:30 15:00)
Chair: Niels-Oliver Walkowski
  • Prof. Dr. Yuri Tsivian/Prof. Dr. Daria Khitrova: “Crosscutting to Cross-acting” [Abstract]
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Williams: The ACTION Toolbox at Dartmouth College: Machine Learning and Expressive Aesthetics[Abstract]
  • Dr. Adelheid Heftberger: “Investigating Editing Style – Towards a Computer-Aided Analysis of (Silent) Films” [Abstract]
Coffee break (15:00 15:30)
Session 3: Analysis of film and style II (15:30 17:00)
Chair: Dr. Adelheid Heftberger
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Bakels: “Matching Computational Film Analysis and Human Experience – Studies in Audio-Visual Rhetorics of Affect“
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Flückiger: “Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Film Color Aesthetics” [Abstract]
  • Dr. Christian Gosvig Olesen: “Perspectives on computer-assisted film style analysis in the MIMEHIST and SEMIA projects” [Abstract]
  1. Wrap-Up / Discussion (17:00 — 17:30)
Dinner (19:00)
WORKSHOP DAY 2: (9:30)
Session 4: Analysis of film and style III (9:30 11:00)
Chair: Dr. Matthias Zeppelzauer
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Burghardt: “Using Subtitles and Movie Scripts for the Automatic Analysis of Movies and Series” [Abstract]
  • Dr. Johannes Pause and Niels-Oliver Walkowski : Political and Aesthetic Regimes in Zombie Movies. A Scalable Viewing Approach[Abstract]
  • Dr. Sebastian Möring: “Style and Rhetorics of Computer Games – An Overview”
Coffee break (10:30 11:00)
Panel 5: “Automatic content analysis and annotation (11:00 12:30)
Chair: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Burghardt
  • Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth: “Automated Visual Content Analysis Algorithms and Software for Scholarly Film Studies: Current Status and Challenges” [Abstract]
  • Dr. Matthias Zeppelzauer: Content-Based Analysis of Stylistic Features in Archive Documentaries
  • Christian Hentschel: “Open up digital video archives with semantic multimedia technologies” [Abstract]
Conclusion / Discussion (12.30 13.00)

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